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Jul 16

Code Crew is For the Children

Code Crew is a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds all learning to code together. Jamal and Felicia O’garro founded Code Crew when they themselves decided to switch careers and learn to code.

Jul 08

The Robot War of Your Dreams!

So, I was checking out one of the coolest mech robots in the world that you can currently purchase and own called the Kuratas and realized that the American company MegaBots Inc. has just challenged them to a duel!

Mar 20

Audio-Technica Sonic Fuel In-Ear Headphones Review

Hi had the pleasure of checking on a unique pair of headphones for the past month and below are my thoughts. Initially, I thought they were just a regular pair of mundane in-ear buds like many you can from other headphone manufacturers like Beats, Sony, or Bose. Honestly, I wasn’t that wrong, but I wasn’t right either…

Jul 01

Coolest Gadgets From CE Week in New York

This past week was CE Week in New York City. Lots of technological goodies were on display. Some Awesome, some not so much, but they were all quite unique in some way. I spent some time going around to most of the booths and here were the items and companies that stood out.

May 01

Just GIG IT! Nas CoSigns New Facebook Game

John Acunto, CEO and Co-Founder of GIG IT asked me to “Gig-IT”. I had to admit that I had no clue what he was talking about, but that didn’t last for long. As I spoke with he and his team behind the new Facebook game it became increasingly clear that this could be the next Big Facebook game. With the mantra “This aint no Farm” firmly embedded in my psyche I stepped forward into the light.

Apr 28

Samsung Teams Up With Bruno Mars for Rockin’ Launch Event

ooks like Samsung is really not playing around with their next flagship phone, the Galaxy S4. The latest event was Bruno Mars singing sweet nothings in concert at Cunard Hall in Manhattan on Thursday. The Hall was beautiful and was a perfect choice with it’s banging acoustics. Check out images of Mr. Mars himself below.

Apr 14

“Romo” The Not-So-Creepy Personal Robot

Behold – the thingamajig you’ve all been waiting for. Since the movie Short-circuit came out, I’ve always had a fascination with sentient robotic beings that would do obey my every command as it’s benevolent emperor

Mar 15

More Galaxy S4 Images and Video

I’ve put together a nice little Slideshow of the Samsung Presentation as well as some S4 Beauty shots. Check them out!

Mar 15

Hands On With The Galaxy S4

There are a few new features that Samsung has baked in that more than a few people will like. Some of my favorites are as follows:

Mar 14

Watch Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Event In All It’s Awkward Glory!

To be honest, I was glad Samsung decided to something different and I want to congratulate them for doing that. I’m really glad they, as a company, dare to be different when it comes to their media strategy. However, there were definitely some hits and misses with the live performance which you can watch in …

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