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Nov 23

Google’s Nav App for G1! Awesomely Awesome!!!


Just realized that the google folks just made their free navigation application available to android 1.6 users. That means G1 owners can now get in on the action! This means Christmas just came a few weeks early for some folks who were thinking that they were going to need some xda action to get there …

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Nov 15

Tony Hawk Ride Coming Soon

Remember we wrote an article about Tony Hawk’s new video game called Ride? We barely do too, but its coming out soon, and we got a chance to check it out briefly. To be honest, its one of those things where you know its a hot concept, but your iffy on real-life use. Don’t get …

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Sep 21

Sony Ericsson “Motions” Forward with MH907


Sony Ericsson thinks they have a game changer here with their new headset. The hype they had was crazy…and honestly I’m a little underwhelmed. Now that’s not to say that it isn’t a good idea for the headset to recognize gestures, but I thought it was going to be a little more in depth. The …

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Aug 20

PSP3 slim….Finally


If you thought the PS3 was a bit bulky for your taste, you have company. That’s been a complaint for a while…that along with the hefty price tag. However, both have been addressed by Sony which will be offering a slim version of its PS3 in September, as well as a price cut of the …

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Jun 10

Mos Def: The Eccstatic

Eccstatic Album

Aiight yall, I’ve actually been waiting on new material from Mos Def for a while. His last album, in my opinion, was lacking some oomph. A friend put it this way: “There was no fire behind what he was doing…no sense of urgency, or sense that it was possible for him to change the game …

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Jun 04

New Metal Gear Solid Game…Again!!

Yeah, so Kojima is up to his old tricks and has come out with yet another MGS game. If you check the E3 Video below you’ll see like 4 different Snakes. Must be Solid, Liquid, Gaseous,  and…random other Snake. Now, I was confused about the storyline before, but now I’m really confused. I’m also not …

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Jun 04

Xbox360, Playstation 3 FIGHT!!!…for second!!!

Microsoft has this cool new attachment for the Xbox360 that will recognize the human frame, and mimic its every move, transmitting the data in-game. The result will be a controller-less gaming experience! Imagine, racing…with no physical steering wheel, just pretending ( you know, like you used to do in the mirror). Well now the mirror …

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Jun 01

Google demos new “Wave” product

Guys, this may be the next generation of communication happening before our very eyes. The demo is a marathon clocking in at just over an hour, but its filled with lots of goodies, and a few computer crashes! Demo communication that dynamically updates as you type! So imagine, your instant messaging your friend, but you …

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May 28

Cupcake firmware update video

Here is the video of what the official (not those sleasy non-official ones!) firmware update looks like. Have fun!! embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt