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Jul 08

HTC M9 Review

It’s super late I know, but my video didn’t get made and I really want to put my thoughts out about this phone. Without any rigamaroo here are my thoughts:

Jan 09

HTC 8X Windows Phone Review

We got a chance to review the new HTC 8X with Windows Phone 8. I got the navy blue phone which was really nice. No doubt you’re asking the question: How is it different than any other phones, and any other Windows Phone 8 devices. Well keep reading to find out.

Oct 22

What Your Android Phone Needs is…Quantum Encryption!

I had the chance to spend time with Chief Extraction Architect Steve Chao about the new technology that Detron is developing. He’s working on high-level encryption for the masses. This stuff is not connect the dots to open a file. We’re talking serious encryption that apparently is extremely difficult to break. It’s called QDK or Quantum Direct Key. It’s so secure that the claim is it hasn’t been broken yet…AT ALL. If you’d like to give it a try you can find the Code Challenge here.

Jul 16

Sony Xperia Ion Review

We managed to snag us a Sony Xperia Ion and played with it for a bit this week. The phone came out on AT&T the end of June and many people are wondering how it stacks up with some of the other devices in AT&T’s stable. Read on to find out!

Mar 11

Nexus S Review

We happened to get our hands on Google’s new phone made by Samsung called the Nexus S. It’s running the company’s latest version of Android…Android 2.3. Check below to see what we thought! Likes: We loved the overall sleekness of the design. I’m a simple man and I was totally impressed with the form factor. …

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