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Nov 17

Stop Being Such a Girl

Guest Author James E. Perryman Jr. I’m a Man. Raised by women, but still…ALL MAN. In my life I’ve had to teach myself how to become this man. And as I get older, I realized not many are taught to deal with their emotions. I’ve had to deal with many of mine alone, not because …

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Jun 16

Easy Six Pack in Seconds!

Now this Horrible awesome new product puts a whole new meaning to fast results. Abs just not what they used to be? Too busy to care? Well you’ll love this product called the “Ab-Hancer.” It literally takes your existing folds and molds them into a six pack shape thus making the old-fashioned work out a …

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Nov 07

Top 5 Annoying Traits Men Have


I’ve asked some friends about the annoying traits that men have, and have come up with this completely random list. Ofcourse, none of these were my traits since I am so manly – I have transcended manliness and thus have shed these traits behind in my former hairy, smelly, shell – much like Cicadas in …

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Aug 05

Acting too Girly?

pedro jones-ChildBeating_ManlyMan

I’ve been contemplating this story for a while now and I’m still in shock. The story proceeds as follows: A certain Mr. Pedro Jones was baby-sitting for his girlfriend and noted the child was acting a bit too girly for his liking. Taking matters into his own hands, he strikes the child. The child goes …

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Mar 29

Women think Men are too Manly?


Was tossed an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal the other day. Based on some statistics, apparently, men are becoming too manly. The study seems to point out that the more wealthy a society is, the more likely their women are to choose a mate that has less of the “manly” features we have …

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Mar 10

New Iron Man 2 Trailer


If your as much of a fan of comics as I am, no doubt you’ve seen Iron Man 1 and are eagerly anticipating Iron Man 2. Well, a new trailer has surfaced and some interesting goodies have been added. We see a little more onscreen time with Whiplash played by Mickey Rourke, and some awesome …

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Jul 06

#6 The Decisive Man

confused puppy

Staying the course…That’s the Manly-Man’s way.  It’s #6 on the list of Manly Characteristics is being decisive. Too many men these days are wishy-washy, like a confused puppy. Can’t make up their minds. “Too many options” they say. “Should I get the blue sandals that match with this new t-shirt?” Disgusting. I believe its these …

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Jun 22

To Do, or not to Doo Doo

The Throne...where every man is king for a while

At long last, the awaited excuse to get up from your desk as arrived. The call of nature has rung through loud and clear, and the coffee, soda, juice, or water that was had for breakfast, has done its work. It’s urinatin’ time. As you make your way to the rest room, you try not …

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Jun 18

#5 Manhood and Spirituality

Something really great about this picture

Men, take your butt to church sometimes! The End

Jun 08

50 Bucks from TMobile! How should I Spend it???

I'm Rich!!!

So I went to the mail and got 50 bucks from T-Mobile. Their line-up has gotten quite nice with the Samsung family of phones with the crazy megapixel cameras, as well as their sidekicks and, of course, Google Phone. With the rumored “Mytouch” or “G2” coming up as well as the Touch Pro 2 potentially …

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