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Jun 28

In the Tech World…Who to Pledge Alliegience to

June has turned out to be one of the most exciting months for technology consumers with huge announcements from Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Personally I’m excited about all of the announcements and consider them all good news. When you have Tech Titans like these behemoths fighting for my attention – I win no matter which way I turn. I’ll briefly touch on some of the highlights here.

May 16

Nokia E7 Review

I got a chance to take a look at Nokia’s E7 and I had a blast doing so. It was cool getting stares and having people ask what type of phone it was. I have the lowdown on what it was like to actually use the phone. Though my relationship was short-lived, about two weeks, …

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Mar 11

Nexus S Review

We happened to get our hands on Google’s new phone made by Samsung called the Nexus S. It’s running the company’s latest version of Android…Android 2.3. Check below to see what we thought! Likes: We loved the overall sleekness of the design. I’m a simple man and I was totally impressed with the form factor. …

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Dec 18

Notion Ink’s Adam Finally Gets a Demo Video


If you have been following this tablet at all, then you will know the events of the past week or so. The Adam, running Android 2.2 with custom UI, just went up for pre-order. It was a disaster, and many blogs including androidpolice.com were calling NI out for what looked like scammish behavior. However, Rohan …

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Nov 23

Samsung Fascinate Review


I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the Samsung Fascinate and had a few weeks to play around with this beautiful phone. Does the phone live up to the hype, or does it falter? Check out my thoughts below. Hardware: The first thing I noticed about the phone was how stunning it was …

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Sep 26

More Android Love from T-Mobile


If your anything like me then you can’t wait to get your hands on the latest and greatest gadgets. The next lust-worthy piece of electronics is coming to T-mobile it seems and this phone is the successor of the G1. Three guess for what the name will be…that’s right…in a surprise move – they will …

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Jan 06

Nexusone Google “Superphone”


If you have T-mobile and have been a loyal customer for years…than you can’t upgrade for a discount on this phone. Sorry – suck it up. Its available at 179.00 for people who are starting a new line and there is only one type of plan you can get if you are buying at discount. …

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Dec 30

Google Phone Craze!!!!

image from Wired

Have you guys heard yet? Google is coming out with a “Google Phone” called the Nexus (as of right now). According to the rumors floating around, they will be selling the phone themselves much like Apple is doing their iPhone. Gizmodo.com seems to have uncovered the price for this puppy and its about what you …

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Nov 23

Google’s Nav App for G1! Awesomely Awesome!!!


Just realized that the google folks just made their free navigation application available to android 1.6 users. That means G1 owners can now get in on the action! This means Christmas just came a few weeks early for some folks who were thinking that they were going to need some xda action to get there …

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Jun 08

50 Bucks from TMobile! How should I Spend it???

I'm Rich!!!

So I went to the mail and got 50 bucks from T-Mobile. Their line-up has gotten quite nice with the Samsung family of phones with the crazy megapixel cameras, as well as their sidekicks and, of course, Google Phone. With the rumored “Mytouch” or “G2” coming up as well as the Touch Pro 2 potentially …

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