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Aug 05

Acting too Girly?

pedro jones-ChildBeating_ManlyMan

I’ve been contemplating this story for a while now and I’m still in shock. The story proceeds as follows: A certain Mr. Pedro Jones was baby-sitting for his girlfriend and noted the child was acting a bit too girly for his liking. Taking matters into his own hands, he strikes the child. The child goes …

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Jan 16

Break-Dancing Robot


This is a funky little fella. With red hoody and faded jeans, Manoi Go is all the rage. It’s creators have done a darn good job at programming this robot with enough moves to show-up anybody on the dance floor. I was quite impressed with the little nuances of the different pop-lock movements. It seemed …

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Dec 09

Samsung SD Card for the Rugged!

Now this is cool. We all know how much Flash memory has changed our lives for the better, and how carrying around SD cards with many Gigs worth of valuable and personal information has now become the norm. However, ruining that valuable and personal information because of stupidity or┬ánonchalance┬áhas also become the norm. Enter the …

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