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Whats good for the Manly Man's Soul

Dec 08

“Guerilla Kindness” App From BoomBoom Revolution

Boom Boom Revolution is getting people into the spirit of committing random acts of kindness through their new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I think it’s a pretty nifty idea and a little kindness goes a long way. They are calling these acts of kindness “Everyday Boom Boom” or EBB for short.

Aug 05

Acting too Girly?

pedro jones-ChildBeating_ManlyMan

I’ve been contemplating this story for a while now and I’m still in shock. The story proceeds as follows: A certain Mr. Pedro Jones was baby-sitting for his girlfriend and noted the child was acting a bit too girly for his liking. Taking matters into his own hands, he strikes the child. The child goes …

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Feb 25

Thoughts on Faith


As many of you know, I took a road trip with some family and went down south to visit my sister and niece. Had an awesome time, and the road tends to put you in a cranky, but sometimes contemplative mood. 15 hours will do that to you! But there was one experience that kinda …

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Jan 18

MLK…One of the Manlier of Men


Every now and then its a good thing to reflect on things. One’s life, achievements,¬†disappointments, goals, successes. Some folks are pretty happy about the ratio of achievements to time spent, while others begin the new year with resolutions to be more efficient with the time they have. Today is that day for me, and it …

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Jan 05

Underwear in a Bunch over iPhone App


Was sent an article from the about adult apps that feature Asian Women. Not having an iPhone myself, I can’t really say that I’ve played around with some of the applications mentioned in the article, however, the author makes a good point that a lot of men miss. I’m not going to go into …

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Jun 18

#5 Manhood and Spirituality

Something really great about this picture

Men, take your butt to church sometimes! The End