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What the Manly Man would whoop your butt in

Jul 14

Check out the Newly Released Tracks for Guitar Hero

It’s #tracklisttuesday and Activision and FreeStyleGames has just announced an updated list of songs for the upcoming Guitar Hero Game. It’s been a long time coming, but fans of the franchise really have something to be excited about as the track list looks pretty epic. Check out the newest songs:

Jul 03

Finally – A Chance To Play Batgirl

If you’re like me, then while playing the Batman Arkham series, you’ve been asking yourself the question “Why can’t I be Batgirl”. Well, your wish has been answered.

Jun 23

Batman: Arkham Knight Available Today

This game continues as the latest installment to the Arkham series and seems to be the grittiest one of them all.

Jun 17

Games I Can’t Wait to Play from E3 2015

Here’s a list of all the games I can’t wait to get my hands on from this year’s E3. This is by no means a comprehensive list but it’s a list of the games I’m most excited about. Tak a look at the videos below and comment on what peaks your interest or what your …

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Jun 17

NBA Live Names Russel Westbrook as 2016 Cover Athlete


Westbrook lands job as cover art for NBA Live 2016

Jan 14

Top 5 Games I Need to Play in 2015


I can’t wait to play this game because of how social it looks. I don’t really play a ton of games with other people, but this looks like one that will be super fun.

Feb 21

Sony Announces New PS4 Just When I Buy A New PS3

  Before you judge me – I had to re-buy my PS3 because it along with my Xbox 360 got stolen a little while ago. Between the two I decided to go fore the PS3 because traditionally Sony ops for the ten year life cycle for their consoles. Thinking I knew better, I figure Microsoft …

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Feb 16

5 Top Reasons You Suck at NBA 2K13 And How We Can Help

So I’ve already written about NBA 2K13 when it first came out, and usually that’s the end of it. However, I’ve been playing and noticed some things that you might not know – and some folks playing online definitely don’t. It’s gotten to the point that there seems to be a pretty big gap between folks who know how to play this game effectively and those who just suck it up for the rest of us – running around not passing the ball and such. Therefore, as a courtesy, me and Stephen Straker (my lil cuz) came up with a 5 point list of why your doing it wrong and how to improve so the next time I’m on your team online you won’t screw it up for me and our teammates.

Jan 15

Konami Readying Metal Gear Rising Demo This Month

Honestly, many people were really looking forward to play Raiden in his ultimate Cyborg Ninja Form and the change is coming closer than ever.

Nov 01

NBA 2K13 Review

Yeah, yeah, this review is kind of late – however, can you blame me? I was too busy trying to get VC points! They are so hard to come by until I got a few tips from some friends. At any rate, take a look at my Likes and Dislikes for the new installment of NBA2K13 and see whether they take the franchise to the next level, or if it falls flat on it’s face.

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