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Jul 08

HTC M9 Review

It’s super late I know, but my video didn’t get made and I really want to put my thoughts out about this phone. Without any rigamaroo here are my thoughts:

Jan 06

HTC Desire EYE Review

HTC Desire EYE

The first thing I notice about the Desire EYE is that it seems more playful in it’s design than some of HTC’s previous phone designs. It ditches the sleek, but drab black and grey colors from the HTC One and replaces it with a slick colored strip around the side of the phone. It doesn’t have a curved back so the phone sits flat on the desk. If you’re not used to a large phone, this phone does look pretty big and really long coming in at 5.2 inches. You will most likely have to use two hands to operate it, but HTC made some good button location choices to accomodate. The power button is below the volume rocker on the right side so righties will be able to easily toggle the screen on and off. There is also a dedicated camera button below the power button on the bottom right corner. It’s got a sort of matt finish which makes it feel comfortable in the hand, but that still didn’t make me completely take away my fears of dropping the device.

Apr 28

Samsung Teams Up With Bruno Mars for Rockin’ Launch Event

ooks like Samsung is really not playing around with their next flagship phone, the Galaxy S4. The latest event was Bruno Mars singing sweet nothings in concert at Cunard Hall in Manhattan on Thursday. The Hall was beautiful and was a perfect choice with it’s banging acoustics. Check out images of Mr. Mars himself below.

Mar 15

More Galaxy S4 Images and Video

I’ve put together a nice little Slideshow of the Samsung Presentation as well as some S4 Beauty shots. Check them out!

Mar 15

Hands On With The Galaxy S4

There are a few new features that Samsung has baked in that more than a few people will like. Some of my favorites are as follows:

Jan 30

Galaxy Nexus 4 Now Available in Playstore (For Limited Time We Presume)

Hey folks – quick heads up that the Galaxy Nexus 4 which has been totally sold out for the last month is now available in the Google Playstore.

Jan 09

HTC 8X Windows Phone Review

We got a chance to review the new HTC 8X with Windows Phone 8. I got the navy blue phone which was really nice. No doubt you’re asking the question: How is it different than any other phones, and any other Windows Phone 8 devices. Well keep reading to find out.

Oct 29

Windows Phone 8 Highlights

  Windows Phone 8 was officially unveiled today. Many people, myself included, are really looking forward to see what Microsoft has up it’s sleeve in this battle for the best mobile UI. Does Windows Phone 8 have enough to gain momentum against the entrenched Android and iOS platforms? This is by no means an exhaustive …

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Oct 22

What Your Android Phone Needs is…Quantum Encryption!

I had the chance to spend time with Chief Extraction Architect Steve Chao about the new technology that Detron is developing. He’s working on high-level encryption for the masses. This stuff is not connect the dots to open a file. We’re talking serious encryption that apparently is extremely difficult to break. It’s called QDK or Quantum Direct Key. It’s so secure that the claim is it hasn’t been broken yet…AT ALL. If you’d like to give it a try you can find the Code Challenge here.

Aug 02

Samsung Tech to Look Forward to for the Holiday

I got a chance to look at some cool stuff Samsung has out right now that is pretty lust-worthy. The Galaxy S3 is sort of a beast, the note is pretty much a tablet if you ask me, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a sexier TV. Below are my impressions of those devices.

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