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Dec 09

New BMW i8 and i3 Concept Cars Aim to Change The Game…Again

BMW recently showed off their new i8 and i3 concept cars here in New York City so I got a chance to take a look at them up close. You can peruse the gallery below for some images. What I will say is that when these vehicles are for sale, they will be highly desirable. Other car makers are jumping on the electric band wagon of course but BMW seems to have bode its time for a while. Good move it seems as company’s like Fisker, and Ford have been forced to make some recalls on their electric vehicle offerings.

Feb 27

Gas or Electric? Lincoln Answers – “Both”

I got a chance to test drive Lincoln’s all new MKZ Hybrid Luxury Vehicle all around New York City. To be honest, I’ve never driven a Lincoln before and always thought the brand was for, how do I say it, the generation ahead of mine.

Dec 13

Jet Engine Powered Hybrid Super Car

Someone Pinch me… Its not everyday you hear news of a jet-engine powered supercar, let alone one that is a hybrid. Don’t believe us? Check the specs: 0-60 in 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 150 mph. Now here is the clincher…500 miles on a single tank of gas!!! This puppy runs on diesel …

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Jul 28

Porsche Shoulder Bumps Bugatti…Says Wussup?!

Now thats what I call an automobile

As you all know, Bugatti is currently the manufacturer of the worlds fastest street-legal production car, the “Veyron”. However, according to some news I found on Wikipedia and The German Car Blog, Porsche doesn’t seem to be slacking one bit. Check out the Porsche GT1 slated for production the end of this year. It’s got …

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