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Feb 13

What to do for Valentines Now that You’ve Remembered


I won’t waste time with the intro as you are likely running out of time. Here are five super quick, but thoughtful things you can plan for your main squeeze before tomorrow!

Jan 20

That “How to Get over your Ex” Article You were Just Reading is Dumb. This One is Better


So she dumped you. Stop being a pansy and MAN-UP! Now, I recognize you haven’t done that yet which is why you’re reading this article so I’ve got three great ways to get even with your ex for breaking your heart.

Sep 16

The Three Cs

Hello my name is Ms. S, I am 28(again) and I reside in NY. I am an average girl with an above average ability to formulate an opinion on just about anything. If you put me in a room with anything or anybody, I can yup form an opinion, What can I say it’s a gift and for you lucky readers out there I have been given the opportunity to share my opinion on what is Manly about the Man. So let’s get started. My task is not to convince, degrade, penalize nor preach but simply give it as I see it. So take the sense from the non-sense and you just might understand what’s Manly-about a Man…. well in my opinion at least…….

Mar 18

Pouring A Pint For Charity

This past week, Gunness along with the Leary Foundation hosted an event to help out local Fire Fighters get more equipment to make sure they have the most up to date equipment available for fighting fires.

Mar 14

Watch Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Event In All It’s Awkward Glory!

To be honest, I was glad Samsung decided to something different and I want to congratulate them for doing that. I’m really glad they, as a company, dare to be different when it comes to their media strategy. However, there were definitely some hits and misses with the live performance which you can watch in …

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Feb 18

Manly Man Does the Harlem Shake in NYC!

You know we had to do one before it got played out! Check out our video below. Had a blast with a ton of random strangers.

Jan 22

God of War: Ascention Multiplayer Preview

I often wonder what it must have been like to actually be in Rome while the great gladiators of ancient times battled in front of frenzied crowds clamoring for more blood and torn flesh. Chunks of guts lay on the floor from your defeated enemies while you stand towering above their lifeless carcass laughing aloud – weapon …

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Dec 09

New BMW i8 and i3 Concept Cars Aim to Change The Game…Again

BMW recently showed off their new i8 and i3 concept cars here in New York City so I got a chance to take a look at them up close. You can peruse the gallery below for some images. What I will say is that when these vehicles are for sale, they will be highly desirable. Other car makers are jumping on the electric band wagon of course but BMW seems to have bode its time for a while. Good move it seems as company’s like Fisker, and Ford have been forced to make some recalls on their electric vehicle offerings.

Nov 07

New Twist on Old Bond

Skyfall, the new Bond flick comes out November 9th and I’m quite sure many of you will go and check it out. Maybe not so much for what you don’t know about James Bond, but perhaps for what you do know about the character. Love him or hate him, Bond has always been a very …

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Dec 14

Holiday Gift Guide

I had the XBox360 for quite some time, however, there were a few things I was missing from the repertoire. Namely, another system. Having procured both major systems ensures that I will have access to the top games for both platforms at my whim. I can also choose which online community I want to interact with. If the person your thinking of purchasing for has one system and loves it chances are they will enjoy another game system as well unless they are just rabid fan-boys of a particular platform. That said, getting a bundle will provide the most “bang” for your buck. You can get a game as well as the cool features that come along with the motion controllers for the PS3 or the XBox360. They also don’t have to go out and purchase those items later. You would do well to note that both platforms support apps like Netflix and music/movie downloads however Xbox Live costs about $60.00 per year while the Playstation Network is free.

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