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What the Manly Man should be wearing

Sep 15

Case-Mate, Fergie, And Common Party in Style

Wednesday, the 12th, Tim Cook announced the new iPhone 5. There was a lot of fervor around that bit of news which everyone and their mother knew was coming since the first spy-shot was leaked. However, the real party didn’t begin until Case-Mate, the company behind many of the more stylish iPhone and iPad cases, brought down the house with a performance by Common at the Best Buy Theatre in Times Square 42nd Street New York.

Jun 16

Easy Six Pack in Seconds!

Now this Horrible awesome new product puts a whole new meaning to fast results. Abs just not what they used to be? Too busy to care? Well you’ll love this product called the “Ab-Hancer.” It literally takes your existing folds and molds them into a six pack shape thus making the old-fashioned work out a …

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Jun 05

Tron Hoodie Makes Nerds Cool!!!

It Glows!!!

Yeah, I’m getting mine in the mail. You should too if I were you. This hoodie brings the retro Tron style to the present with lots of style. Saw the design on Gizmodo and just had to look at it myself! You can find the design here. Can’t wait to see the new Tron Movie, …

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May 04

Intereresting Advertising Campaigns


Was walking around Soho and saw the above picture on the FCUK store. Now I was under the impression that I was the man, so I was a bit puzzled as to why my picture wasn’t up there. However, I was able to let that go. I’ve been seeing their ad campaign around NY and …

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Apr 20

Watch Concept Unites Wrists, Cars and “Cool”


If you have an extreme sense of style and 15,000 dollars laying around then this watch is definitely for you. It looks awesome and is sure to be the head-turner item that will secure the attention you so desperately need enjoy. Its a beautiful concept and if your still skeptical we should mention that it …

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Feb 27

Laser Wristwatch…No Really!


You ever had an idea that was so cool that you couldn’t tell anybody? You just let it fester for a while, and then one day you randomly see an advertisement for your exact idea? Sucks doesn’t it. Guess that just means your on the cutting edge. With that, I’ll introduce to you the AurorWatch …

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Dec 09

Night Rider Watch!?


Sorry false alarm, but it still looks cool. It’s a new watch from TokyoFlash, and as usual they have come out with a really unique LED watch that is guaranteed to turn heads (for better or for worse!). However, we feel like its always best to make a powerful statement rather than to not make …

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Aug 26

Oberon Takes Flight … Next Stop – Your Wrist!

I’ve become a big fan of recently. They have all sorts of cool things from Japan that are rare stateside. Not alot of people rockin’ the LED watches and they look really cool in a dorky sort of way. But hey, I love being exclusive with my accessories. Click the link to find out …

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Aug 20

Stylish Clock for Manliest of Men


We are always trying to bring you items that  are unique, stylish, and sure to turn heads. Slashgear has found this awesome wall clock that tells time a little differently than most are used to. It uses LEDs to display the time in plain English. It can also display in other languages which is a …

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Jul 15

“Pimpin'”, Apparantly, “Aint Easy” According to Japanese Watchmaker


I’m sure you enjoy a nice time piece as well as I.  I love it when I have something unique and/or rare that you have to look high and low to find. . .I’m especially impressed with the “pimpin aint easy” watch. Seems someone out there feels my pain! JK – take a gander below.

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