Jul 03

Finally – A Chance To Play Batgirl


If you’re like me, then while playing the Batman Arkham series, you’ve been asking yourself the question “Why can’t I be Batgirl”. Well, your wish has been answered.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have both announced today that they will release Batman:Arkham Knight’s first story driven add-on “Batman™: Arkham Asylum,Batgirl: A Matter of Family”  which will feature Batgirl before the events of Arkham Asylum. I’m stoked for this addition because Batgirl is awesome, and I was always curious to see how the game makers would handle her fighting technique and moves. You will be able to do combo takedowns with Robin as well as solve new puzzles and find more secrets.

You can purchase the content for 6.99 on Playstation Network or XBox Live on the 21st. Folks who bought the Arkham Knight Season Pass will be able to purchase the add-on as early as the 14th. No news on when it’s available for the PC Version.

Check out the trailer below: