Sep 16

The Three Cs


Hello my name is Ms. S, I am 28(again) and I reside in NY.  I am an average girl with an above average ability to formulate an opinion on just about anything.  If you put me in a room with anything or anybody, I can yup form an opinion,  What can I say it’s a gift and for you lucky readers out there I have been given the opportunity to share my opinion on what is Manly about the Man.  So let’s get started.  My task is not to convince, degrade, penalize nor preach but simply give it as I see it. So take the sense from the non-sense and you just might understand what’s Manly-about a Man…. well in my opinion at least…….


The three C’s

So I was at work the other day speaking with a co-worker, the conversation somehow turned to dating and she started to speak of past experiences, she laughed, she cried it was moving truly but then she spoke about the importance of the three C’s.  Intrigued, I stated “Elaborate”, she stated you don’t know the three C’s?  “No” I stated genuinely interested now, “what are they”? “Car, Crib and Credit”, I laughed because I didn’t expect her to say crib and she chuckled but only slightly. “I don’t date anyone with out it”. She stated that she and her other girlfriends felt the same way.  I thought about what she said

‘The three C’s’ was not a new idea, women have been preaching it since the Women’s lib movement backfired.  Yup, I said backfired but that is a topic for another time. Were was I , oh yes the three C’s – so this was not a new concept yet it seems to rear it’s head in so many generations of women who are looking and dating Men, why?

And here’s my opinion ….

Because the relevance of men being providers has not, nor will it ever change. ALL -that’s right I said it – All are still looking for security; looking for men to prove that they can provide when it comes to joining their lives romantically to women.  It has been proven over and over. It’s just that society, lazy men, over-zealous women, etc… are trying to change this natural role. I can already here you “So the fact that as a man I may want her to share in paying for something makes a man lazy?  Well let me think about it umm… “Yes”.


You wanna know what’s Manly about a Man? Providing. Showing me you have somewhere to put me when you wanna sex me. Something to put me in when you need to show me off, and being able to buy the damn ring when you realize what you have.

  • Whogivesafox

    I wish you all the best in future if that’s your opinion!! Doesn’t sound like the path to true happiness in life to me… Love isn’t about a bank balance…