Jul 01

Coolest Gadgets From CE Week in New York

This past week was CE Week in New York City. Lots of technological goodies were on display. Some Awesome, some not so much, but they were all quite unique in some way. I spent some time going around to most of the booths and here were the items and companies that stood out.


Sodacase had some impressive cases for the iPhone 4- 5, Galaxy S2,3 and Note. They also have cases for all the iPads as well. The production was really high quality and there was texture to all of the designs – including the one I made (to the right). What really made the process cool was their use of www.makeryapp.com which allows you to upload any image you want into pre-determined templates. If you have a hot design, you can upload it to the site and have them ship you a nice stylish case. One con I had was not being able to position the image exactly the way I wanted, but I was still happy with the final product. One other reason they are cool is that they gave me a code which will give my readers $10.00 off their own purchase at www.sodacase.com. Like me on facebook or follow me on twitter referencing the discount and I’ll send you the code. Crimson’s “Photo-eazlDSC03232 I just had to write about this little do-hicky. It’s a small easel for your camera, or whatever small device you have. You can screw the camera at the top, or hold your cell phone or tablet at the bottom because of two notches that protrude. It really reminds me of a swiss army knife except for holding stuff up. The founder was nice enough to let me try one out and I’m really liking it thus far. It’s quite sturdy. I did suggest to him however to add a grip so you can hold it like a gun more naturally for sweeping shots with the camera, and to possibly add something to connect to a monopod for those tough to reach angles. Let’s see if he listens. DSC03217Mobio – “Go”, “Pivot”, “Grip” The Mobio products were really interesting. They all work with a magnetic mount which is sphere which you can swivel at will. Each product had the same premise but slightly different design. The “Go” was designed for in-car use, the Pivot was for desktop used, and the “Grip” was for your hand (in the image to the left). I liked the “Pivot” the best because it looked really nice when you have your iPad on it. The only drawback was that you needed to stick the mount onto your device. You could technically remove it but it might take some prying. That said, I’d probably stick it to a case so I didn’t have adhesive on my device.

Cushi Phone Cases:

I know what you’re thinking – I already wrote about phone cases above. Yeah, yeah, but this is worth it. The designs Cushi had were amazing – especially if you’re into urban art at all. You can’t make your own designs, but the designs they had were hot. Check out the image to your right.DSC03286There’s graffiti, guns, clever phrases – the whole shebang. I also liked the fact that the designs were all padded so it had a nice feel to the fingertips. You can find more designs here    

4kTVSony’s 4k TVs

You’ve got to see it to appreciate it. All I’ll say is blades of grass man. Blades of freakin’ grass. I could see individual blades of grass on the field of a soccer match. I didn’t think I’d need this – but I do.