Apr 28

Samsung Teams Up With Bruno Mars for Rockin’ Launch Event


Looks like Samsung is really not playing around with their next flagship phone, the Galaxy S4. The latest event was Bruno Mars singing sweet nothings in concert at Cunard Hall in Manhattan on Thursday. The Hall was beautiful and was a perfect choice with it’s banging acoustics. Check out images of Mr. Mars himself below.

Hands On With The Galaxy S4

The more I spend time with the phone, the more I like it. I still don’t like any skin on my Android devices though. I’m a vanilla type of guy because I feel like most skins just end up slowing the phone down. That said, Samsung does add a few key touches that I think will at least make some of your friends jealous. There’s the 13MP camera for starters. Add to that the ability to edit out moving items in the background and you have a pretty functional camera. You can use two apps on the same screen at the same time which is pretty interesting, though I’m not sure I’d use that functionality on my cell phone, but perhaps there is someone out there who will. Check out the Hands on Review for more details. It’s available on all the major carriers.


Also, a little snippet of my man singing his heart out for you fans out there…