Apr 14

“Romo” The Not-So-Creepy Personal Robot


Behold – the thingamajig you’ve all been waiting for. Since the movie Short-circuit came out, I’ve always had a fascination with sentient robotic beings that would do obey my every command as it’s benevolent emperor. Alas, robots came and went none really getting the obedience thing quite right and then out pops “ROMO”. Using your iPhone as it’s brains, you can command it wherever you are via an internet connection. The robot will stream video via the iPhone camera. You can even take pictures as demonstrated in the video below.

Break Dancing Robot

What’s really fascinating is how the robot reacts to the user. It’s programmed to respond to how close or far away you are from it and it will move accordingly which humanizes it a bit. I can think of at least a dozen use cases for this little bad boy like attending meetings for me for one! The best part is that┬áKeller Rinaudo, CEO and Co-Founder of Romative, the company that makes Romo, is promising this robot will only cost $150 bucks. Sign me up! If we can get our hands on a demo unit, I’ll let you know how it works in person.