Mar 14

Watch Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Event In All It’s Awkward Glory!

To be honest, I was glad Samsung decided to something different and I want to congratulate them for doing that. I’m really glad they, as a company, dare to be different when it comes to their media strategy. However, there were definitely some hits and misses with the live performance which you can watch in it’s entirety below. Skip ahead to the 40 min mark to start.

I thought the dancing kid was great, and exhibited a ton of skill. I liked how they used him in the first portion to demonstrate some of the camera functionality. However, there were some really weird parts like the banter between the announcer and his female counter part.

All in all, I felt like they pulled it off fairly well and it was a good idea to introduce each feature in a fun way. The script just needed a little tweaking in my opinion.