Mar 18

Pouring A Pint For Charity


Winner Jovis Depognon

Winner Jovis Depognon

This past week, Gunness along with the Leary Foundation hosted an event to help out local Fire Fighters get more equipment to make sure they have the most up to date equipment available for fighting fires. Usually not my thing since I don’t drink (yeah, yeah I’ve heard all the jokes before) but it was cool hanging out with folks at the event. Boomer and Carton where there talking trash and to my surprise a black fire-fighter by the name of Jovis Depognon from Engine 40 at Lincoln Center won the illustrious prize. It was $1,000 donated in his name to his Engine House for pouring the perfect Guinness Pint. I figured I’d post this feel-good story for St. Patty’s. Check images below.