Feb 16

5 Top Reasons You Suck at NBA 2K13 And How We Can Help


So I’ve already written about NBA 2K13 when it first came out, and usually that’s the end of it. However, I’ve been playing and noticed some things that you might not know – and some folks playing online definitely don’t. It’s gotten to the point that there seems to be a pretty big gap between folks who know how to play this game effectively and those who just suck it up for the rest of us – running around not passing the ball and such. Therefore, as a courtesy, me and Stephen Straker (my lil cuz) came up with a 5 point list of why your doing it wrong and how to improve so the next time I’m on your team online you won’t screw it up for me and our teammates.

5.) You spent all your VC on clothes and accessories. 

You don’t know how angry it makes me when I’m playing on the black top and I see someone bling’ed out and his mid-range jumper is bumish. This person should be beaten with a stick with rusty nails. What you need to do is make sure you spend your VC on actual skills instead of that cool jumpsuit you copped for like 5K VC.

4.) You play like it’s a game.

Admittedly, this is a weird point – but hear me out. Games these days are advancing and though this game is no where near reality – its a lot closer than you think. Items such as height, strength, play-style all go into your match-ups  If you are a PG and under 6’5″ you have no business trying to make that shot in the paint against KG in the post. It’s not going to happen…PERIOD. Don’t take that shot. Same goes for online match-ups  so you have to think about the situation your in. Calling plays (even though I don’t do it too much) also helps to turn the tide against savvy players. Run the pick and role at least! This will at least create a little space between you and your man so the probability of your shot going in is higher. This is especially crucial when you haven’t fully built up your player yet.

3.) You’re not a team player

When playing the game you will go through streaks. Sometimes you’ll be hot and hit everything you see, while other times you’ll be cold. You need to know how to avoid and overcome double-teams  especially if you become a star player, by passing the ball. You’ve got to trust your teammates sometimes and the game rewards you heavily with a good teammate score the more assists you get. This little skill helps out online as well which leads me to my next point.


It’s so annoying when a ball hog gets the PG spot on the Black Top. They never pass, and try to score all 21 points by themselves. All that ends up happening is everyone on the team gets annoyed and eventually stops helping or quits. It’s extra annoying because your overall win ratio goes down when you lose. I’ve got a couple go-to peeps that I can play with when online but they aren’t online all the time so I’m going to need you to step it up if I’m on your team.

1.) Equip skills that suit your ideal playing style

What this means is spend your VC wisely on attributes and signature skills that make sense for the way you play and the way you designed your player. An example is if your player is really big and pushing 7ft you should make sure to increase your offense under the basket as well as your dunking ability. Having the “Bruiser” signature skill will drain energy from your match-up so later in the game you will have the advantage. Increasing your shot ability from three range is an added threat but I’d wait that out until your other skills are polished first. You probably won’t need the “Highlight Film” Skill or the “Ankle Breaker” just yet. I think people just go for what is cool before taking a second to actually think about a strategy that makes sense for the type of player they want to be.


Do these 5 things and I promise you’ll get better a lot quicker and your teammates will thank you!