Monthly Archive: February 2013

Feb 27

Hilarious Toshiba Electronic Torture Tests

Ever wonder what would happen if you ran 4kV through a Toshiba laptop? Me neither, but the dudes below tried it and it totally does NOT end up the way you think it would. Check out the video below to see what happens!

Feb 21

Sony Announces New PS4 Just When I Buy A New PS3

  Before you judge me – I had to re-buy my PS3 because it along with my Xbox 360 got stolen a little while ago. Between the two I decided to go fore the PS3 because traditionally Sony ops for the ten year life cycle for their consoles. Thinking I knew better, I figure Microsoft …

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Feb 18

Manly Man Does the Harlem Shake in NYC!

You know we had to do one before it got played out! Check out our video below. Had a blast with a ton of random strangers.

Feb 16

5 Top Reasons You Suck at NBA 2K13 And How We Can Help

So I’ve already written about NBA 2K13 when it first came out, and usually that’s the end of it. However, I’ve been playing and noticed some things that you might not know – and some folks playing online definitely don’t. It’s gotten to the point that there seems to be a pretty big gap between folks who know how to play this game effectively and those who just suck it up for the rest of us – running around not passing the ball and such. Therefore, as a courtesy, me and Stephen Straker (my lil cuz) came up with a 5 point list of why your doing it wrong and how to improve so the next time I’m on your team online you won’t screw it up for me and our teammates.