Jan 15

Konami Readying Metal Gear Rising Demo This Month



Honestly, many people were really looking forward to play Raiden in his ultimate Cyborg Ninja Form and the change is coming closer than ever. You can definitely count me in as one of those folks and Konami has just announced that it’s Metal Gear Rising: Revengance Demo will drop next week on the 22nd. The demo will show the first chapter in the game which is pretty cool. The game drops officially on Feb.19th.

It looks like Raiden has some internal mental issues that he’s coping with, and unfortunately, other people are around for him to work out his frustrations on. Oh well, pretty much everything in the game is collateral damage as his sword can cut almost everything.

See the latest “Jack the Ripper” trailer below:


I got a chance to play a demo that came with the Zone of Enders HD Pack. So let me say this – the graphics are amazing! I actually took a few moments just to look at the work that went into the model of Raiden. A ton of effort clearly went into making this game candy for the eyes.

In terms of gameplay – it has similar elements to the regular Metal Gear franchise in that you can store weapons and health items in sort of an app drawer where you can call upon them in the middle of a fight. As you can guess,  a huge part of the game-play is the High Frequency Blade Raiden is carrying. That thing is crazy – cutting just about everything other than walls or doors that mark the end of an environment.  Trees, boxes, cans – you name it – all get sliced. The cutting mechanic does take some getting used to though I won’t lie, and got frustrating at times. Especially when you are fighting at a fast pace. I couldn’t get all the moves down, but I think with a little more practice I’ll probably get it. I just have to be willing to traverse that learning curve.

If you are looking for a stealth game – look elsewhere. This is strictly an arcade game. I don’t even think Raiden can crouch. He can’t even jump that high either, which sort of annoyed me. I’m pretty sure there will be all sorts of software and battle upgrades you can get later so I’ll look forward to that. If you ask me, this is looking pretty good and I can’t wait to get my hands on the full version.