Dec 09

New BMW i8 and i3 Concept Cars Aim to Change The Game…Again

BMW recently showed off their new i8 and i3 concept cars here in New York City so I got a chance to take a look at them up close. You can peruse the gallery below for some images. What I will say is that when these vehicles are for sale, they will be highly desirable. Other car makers are jumping on the electric band wagon of course but BMW seems to have bode its time for a while. Good move it seems as company’s like Fisker, and Ford have been forced to make some recalls on their electric vehicle offerings.

I definitely don’t mean to say that BMW has the best electric vehicle as that remains to be seen, but I will say that BMW seems to have the most stylish electric vehicle in the i8. Even the Tesla Roadster, as sexy as that vehicle is, just doesn’t seem to be the paragon of affluence and technology that the i8 exudes. Looking at this car, one really feels like they have arrived in a sci-fi future.

The vehicle has unique offerings like laser lights which are more efficient that LEDs, and, of course, have a more focused wavelength that other light sources. The sports car boasts around 100mpg as well as a 3 cylinder

r combustion engine that powers the rear axle. The two engines work together for improved overall performance.

The only gripe I had is when I order mine, i don’t want the colors so loud. That blue can get old fast I think. Otherwise, you will sure turn heads if your the first person to own one of these puppies!