Monthly Archive: December 2012

Dec 09

New BMW i8 and i3 Concept Cars Aim to Change The Game…Again

BMW recently showed off their new i8 and i3 concept cars here in New York City so I got a chance to take a look at them up close. You can peruse the gallery below for some images. What I will say is that when these vehicles are for sale, they will be highly desirable. Other car makers are jumping on the electric band wagon of course but BMW seems to have bode its time for a while. Good move it seems as company’s like Fisker, and Ford have been forced to make some recalls on their electric vehicle offerings.

Dec 06

Music Biz Gaming App

So you know how there are a ton of apps out there that allow you to mix music and make beats in the iTunes store? Yeah, they’re loads of fun but you know what would be a great idea? If someone came out with an app that instead of producing, allowed you to start your …

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