Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 29

Windows Phone 8 Highlights

  Windows Phone 8 was officially unveiled today. Many people, myself included, are really looking forward to see what Microsoft has up it’s sleeve in this battle for the best mobile UI. Does Windows Phone 8 have enough to gain momentum against the entrenched Android and iOS platforms? This is by no means an exhaustive …

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Oct 22

New Iron Man 3 Trailer Sneak Peak

My main man Tony Starks is back in the house. There is a new sneak peak of a trailer online that you can see below. It’s only 17 seconds but there are a few interesting tidbits.

Oct 22

What Your Android Phone Needs is…Quantum Encryption!

I had the chance to spend time with Chief Extraction Architect Steve Chao about the new technology that Detron is developing. He’s working on high-level encryption for the masses. This stuff is not connect the dots to open a file. We’re talking serious encryption that apparently is extremely difficult to break. It’s called QDK or Quantum Direct Key. It’s so secure that the claim is it hasn’t been broken yet…AT ALL. If you’d like to give it a try you can find the Code Challenge here.

Oct 04

Emerging Technologies in the Gaming Space

The NY Games Conference held by Digital Media Wire took place earlier in September, and I had a chance to chat with a few folks and look at emerging technologies at the conference. Three items really stood out to me and I’ll talk about them briefly here. I’ve also included some video of my conversations …

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