Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 19

VJay: The Video Mixer App for the iPad

If your into mixing music and videos, here’s a nice little app that you might be interested in. It’s called VJay – which is appropriate, but still sounds funny. It’s set up in pretty much the exact same way two turntables would be set up. The makers, algoriddim, know what their doing as they’ve been around the bend a time or two. They created the DJay app for iPhone, and iPad and their up to their usual schennanegans with this latest app.

Sep 19

Watch An NBA 2K13 Live Stream of the Miami Heat vs OKC

Now this is interesting – If you can’t wait for the Basketball season to start, and you are looking for some exciting NBA action, then check the NBA 2K13 live stream of a Full NBA Game being played out in the NBA 2K13 Game.

Sep 15

Case-Mate, Fergie, And Common Party in Style

Wednesday, the 12th, Tim Cook announced the new iPhone 5. There was a lot of fervor around that bit of news which everyone and their mother knew was coming since the first spy-shot was leaked. However, the real party didn’t begin until Case-Mate, the company behind many of the more stylish iPhone and iPad cases, brought down the house with a performance by Common at the Best Buy Theatre in Times Square 42nd Street New York.

Sep 13

How To Speak Jamaican App for iPad

Ran into Gary Carr at the NY Games Conference last week. He is the creator of the “I Know Jamaican” iPad app. Now before you say its fake, check it out for yourself.

Sep 10

All New NBA 2K13 Trailer Featuring Biggie Smalls and Puff Daddy!

Looks like 2K is outdoing themselves with the music for this game. They’re pulling out all the stops with this one. Check out the trailer below featuring the cut by Momentous which is based off of the song “Victory” by Puff Daddy and the Family.

Sep 10

New Judge Dredd TV Spot

Though the story line seems pretty similar to what I consider to be the best action movie of this year hands down – The Raid:Redemption, I am still looking forward to watching the Dredd 3D reboot when it comes out on the 21st. I’ve been following it for a while now, and I just love the story line and character.

Sep 03

NY Games Conference Starts This Wednesday


This Wednesday will be the start of the annual NY Games Conference. There will be tons of speakers sharing their intimate knowledge of the gaming industry and their insights as to where the gaming industry is going.