Aug 02

Samsung Tech to Look Forward to for the Holiday

I got a chance to look at some cool stuff Samsung has out right now that is pretty lust-worthy. The Galaxy S3 is sort of a beast, the note is pretty much a tablet if you ask me, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a sexier TV. Below are my impressions of those devices.

Samsung S3 and Note

These two devices are pretty similar in that they both make and receive phone calls. Other than that, they have pretty stark differences. The Galaxy S3 is quicker, with a faster CPU speed, more up to date OS (Ice Cream Sandwich), and to me, just plain sexier. However, the Note is no slouch with it’s stylus and huge display at 5.3 inches. Depending on your aesthetic tastes, I’d say either is a pretty good bargain if you don’t mind Samsung’s Touchflo skin on top of stock Android.

One service that I really liked was the Group Sharing found in Samsung’s “Group Cast”. What was cool was that you could share a PowerPoint presentation, images, or .PDF files in real time with other folks (with a Samsung Galaxy S3 or WiFi enabled TV). Any person in the group could move the slides along or mark them up. This functionality is a welcome addition to the Android experience.

Samsung Smart TVs

Victoria Secret Model Causes Quite the Stir with Samsung Smart TV

Samsung’s new line of Smart TVs are really sexy and have great functionality. They are a little pricey though, so if you are on a budget I might do a little research before plunking down your cold hard cash. What’s really cool is the “Smart Interaction” which allows you to control the TV or Play a Game with motion or voice. Now, this is very Kinect-like, however, if you don’t have an Xbox360 with Kinect, then this is of course an alternative. The TV also comes with Active 3D Glasses – which are pricier than passive 3D glasses but supposedly give higher resolution. I’ve got a passive 3D TV at home and it’s great, and I got it for a little less, so like I said, make sure to do your homework. I’ll continue to keep you updated on the latest in lustworthy gadgets for the Holidays!