Jul 26

Judge Dredd Comic Cover Reveal!

I just got word about a new Comic that Lionsgate is putting out that will be a prequel to the upcoming movie starring Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, and Lena Headey. The comic will be 3D Рwhich seems a bit gimmicky, but still intriguing enough to check out. As most of you already know, Dredd is originally  a comic series written by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra.

Above is the cover art for the new comic which looks great! The cover is penciled by Greg Staples. What’s really interesting is that Judge Dredd is a hero from a British publication that is supposed to sum up justice itself. That’s why throughout the years, his appearance in the comics rarely changes and you never see his face. It looks like this new movie will follow that methodology as I don’t recall seeing his face in any of the trailers.