Jun 24

New Judge Dredd Trailer!

Stop what your doing right now…no, RIGHT NOW! If you’re like me and are looking forward in the Judge Dredd reboot that’s coming out soon then feast your eyes on the below.

Just looking at the style of the movie – it looks to be just as gritty as the original that starred Sylvester Stallone. Thought that movie got a bad rap. It was pretty good for what it was and I watch every now and again when I get nostalgic. Looks like the helmet stays on like the comics though which I think is a good move. It’s really about the symbolism of the Judgeship. Can’t wait to get to check this movie when it comes out. I will say though, that the premise sounds a lot like an Indonesian martial arts flick that came out a few months ago by the name of “The Raid: Redemption”. I’m digressing, but that movie is off the chain if you haven’t seen it yet. You can find the trailer for it here.

Judge Dredd Video Here: