Jun 10

Batman’s Secrets Revealed!

July 20th is the big day for Batman fans everywhere. The next and final installment of Christopher Nolan’s version of the Batman Universe will be unveiled in theaters all across North America. Somehow Nolan has managed to captivate audiences for three straight films with his breathtaking scenes, gritty story lines, and keen attention to realism. I think that fans of Batman, myself included, appreciate the gadgets and the fact that they play a larger role than normal in my opinion. In many other Batman movies, Batman’s gadgets just seem to work – but they rarely have any background story to them. Lucius Fox, played by Morgan Freeman, sort of provides an added dynamic on screen for Batman’s wonderful toys. They have a beginning, a functionality in Nolan’s Movies that I absolutely enjoy.

Now you can read up on all the secrets of Bruce Wayne’s gadgetry in the new book The Dark Knight Manual. In it you will find all of the Bat Suit upgrades, gadgets, weapons and the like with original concept art. All this for a cool $40 bucks doesn’t sound to bad for the true die-hard fan.