Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 28

In the Tech World…Who to Pledge Alliegience to

June has turned out to be one of the most exciting months for technology consumers with huge announcements from Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Personally I’m excited about all of the announcements and consider them all good news. When you have Tech Titans like these behemoths fighting for my attention – I win no matter which way I turn. I’ll briefly touch on some of the highlights here.

Jun 26

NBA 2K13 Cover Revealed!

The new cover of NBA 2K13 has been revealed today!

Jun 24

New Judge Dredd Trailer!

Stop what your doing right now…no, RIGHT NOW! If you’re like me and are looking forward in the Judge Dredd reboot that’s coming out soon then feast your eyes on the below.

Jun 14

New Sony Xperia ION an AT&T Exclusive

Had a little time with the phone and a few things jumped out at me.

Jun 12

New Apple Refresh Worth It?

Yesterday, Apple confirmed quite a few things that many people were speculating up to that point. However, not all the rumors were true. There was no iPhone 5 announcement – which I was disappointed to find out. However, there was definitely enough to chew on. Catch the entire thing here as the keynote is now online.

Jun 10

Batman’s Secrets Revealed!

July 20th is the big day for Batman fans everywhere. The next and final installment of Christopher Nolan’s version of the Batman Universe will be unveiled in theaters all across North America. Somehow Nolan has managed to captivate audiences for three straight films with his breathtaking scenes, gritty story lines, and keen attention to realism.