May 15

Awesome Watch! Pebble E-Paper Watch Makes You Cool…Founders Rich


The Pebble E-ink Watch is kinda cool once you give it a chance. I was skeptical at first, but watching their video has changed my mind. Still need one to play around with to make my final decision of course, but that won’t happen too soon seeing as they’ve already sold out. Let’s just say their kick-starter bid went very, very, well – raising more than Ten Million smackers where they only sought one-hundred thousand.

Check the website here.

The long and short is this – you can view the watch in direct sunlight because it’s e-ink. This also means you can change it’s appearance as well. Anyone can program apps for it and it works with both your iOS devices as well as your Android devices. You can control your phone with the watch and it has Bluetooth. You can get text messages, Facebook updates, and caller ID info which, if your like me and checks the phone every other second, is quite useful. Has tons of other stuff as well. Can’t wait till I can buy one!