Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 31

Victoria’s Secret Model Causes Quite the Stir

Samsung is eager to show off their impressive line of Smart TVs and they’ve chosen a very catchy way to do it.

May 15

Awesome Watch! Pebble E-Paper Watch Makes You Cool…Founders Rich

The Pebble E-ink Watch is kinda cool once you give it a chance. I was skeptical at first, but watching their video has changed my mind. Still need one to play around with to make my final decision of course, but that won’t happen too soon seeing as they’ve already sold out. Let’s just say their kick-starter bid went very, very, well – raising more than Ten Million smackers where they only sought one-hundred thousand.

May 13

Now That’s Awesome! Pre-Ordering Amazing Spiderman Unlocks Playable Stan Lee

Here’s one for the fan-boys out there. If you pre-order the upcoming Amazing Spiderman game you will get the Stan Lee Adventure pack.