Apr 15

Streetfighter X Tekken on PSVita Coming Soon!

Had the┬áprivilege┬áto check out a few of the Vita’s upcoming games, and one that definitely caught my eye was the new Street Fighter X Tekken Game for the Vita. It’s currently out for the major consoles like PS3 and XBox360.

There are a few things that make this game worth the extra dough.

First, the developer I spoke with, Seth Killian, said that players of the Vita version would be able to play with anyone playing the console version which means both games are virtually the same! Not only that, but there will be added characters for the Vita Version that will come standard who won’t be on the console version unless you purchase them as DLC.

Playing the Vita version took a little getting used to with the smaller buttons and D-Pad, however, after a couple of warm-ups, I was throwing Hadoukens with the best of ’em. Graphics were amazing so I can see how you could play vs. any using the console version of the game. Animations were very smooth and contiguous. Look out for it in the coming months.