Monthly Archive: April 2012

Apr 15

Streetfighter X Tekken on PSVita Coming Soon!

Had the privilege to check out a few of the Vita’s upcoming games, and one that definitely caught my eye was the new Street Fighter X Tekken Game for the Vita. It’s currently out for the major consoles like PS3 and XBox360.

Apr 12

Amazing Spider-Man Sneak Preview!

We got a chance to look at an advanced preview of the new Amazing Spiderman. Does it live up to the hype or is it destined to go the way of the awful movie video-game? Read on to find out!

Apr 08

Nokia Lights up Times Square for New Lumia 900

Nokia teamed up with Niki Minaj for a performance smack-dab in the middle of Times Square today. Taking over some of the biggest electronic screens in Times Square, Niki Minaj performed a few numbers from her new album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.