Feb 20

Elite Social Club Starring the PS Vita!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Sony’s new handheld gaming system called the PS Vita. You know about the 5″ screen, and the front and rear facing cameras. You may also know about it’s wi-fi, 3G, and Bluetooth connectivity. However, have you actually handled one? Held it gently in your arms and played the day away? If not, then here’s your chance! Sony has set up 8 “Social Clubs” around the country for people to go to, to experience the Vita. The eight towns are: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, New York, Boston, Chicago, and Austin. You can go here for more information. I went to the one in New York located at 154 Stanton Street, New York, NY. They hooked us up with free snacks and beverages as well as let us play as long as we wanted on the Vitas strewn across the many tables in the room. The hip decoration and trendy music made for a vibrant and cool experience. You also get to sign up for free which locks you in to the possibility of winning a Vita for yourself. If you haven’t gone yet, you better hurry as the promotion ends on the 22nd!

A couple of the games you’ll be able to play are listed below. There’s also some pretty cool footage of some of the games and their developers, so click the links below.