Dec 28

Samsung Galaxy Nexus First Impressions

I got the chance to play around with the Galaxy Nexus for a few moments and I must say that sucker is fast. Really fast! I was zipping along through all the apps and opening and closing and swiping – it was all such a breeze. By now, you know all the specs already. The screen was pretty large and the fact that there are no buttons really made a difference in the screen size since Samsung was able to capitalize on the extra space. The glass was indeed curved, but you had to look for it. It wasn’t hugely noticeable. The device felt really solid, but I can’t stand that flimsy back cover that Samsung has been adding as of late, but it did cut the weight down. I didn’t mind it so much since the device itself was so sturdy.
I managed to snap a few pictures, and the there really was no shutter lag. You have to use it for yourself to really understand how blazingly fast taking a picture was. I tried panorama out, but I couldn’t really think of too many cases for when I might use it, but it was still cool to have, and I’ll take it.

All-in-all, Android 4.o is a good forward step. The upgrade definitely feels like a true upgrade and not just Honeycomb 3.5. Everything is re-done, but it still somehow doesn’t feel finished. I would definitely make the Galaxy Nexus my next device, but I’m really looking for the next iteration. Jelly Bean is it?