Nov 02

Three Shooters You Must Play!

Resistance 3:

Got a chance to Demo this game and I must say that this game is not only beautiful but fun to play. You all know the story, hoards of baddies have come to annihilate man-kind and only you the player can stop them. Insomniac Games takes it back to the arcade with life packs rather than automatic health regeneration which is very noticeable. The weapons are crazy! The Chimera definitely don’t sit there and get shot, the AI is pretty good. Definitely a game you should be checking out if you like shooters.

Gears of War:
Gears of War is a great shooter because it somehow gets you so involved in it’s story and it’s characters. The visceral nature of the combatĀ  system is just over the top, which is just the way most of us like it. Online play is great so you really can’t go wrong here.

Call of Duty 3:

Black Ops was great, but I am really looking for another modern combat story rather than soemething that takes place in the past. MW3 comes out Nov 8th, and please believe I’ll be on it…