Monthly Archive: November 2011

Nov 17

Stop Being Such a Girl

Guest Author James E. Perryman Jr. I’m a Man. Raised by women, but still…ALL MAN. In my life I’ve had to teach myself how to become this man. And as I get older, I realized not many are taught to deal with their emotions. I’ve had to deal with many of mine alone, not because …

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Nov 14

3 Tablets to Look out For This Holiday Season

Kindle Fire: The Kindle is Amazon’s newest 7″ device. It’s quite different from the E-Readers because of the fact that the display is full color. It will also have access to many apps downloadable from the Amazon Marketplace. Compared to other tablets, internal storage is fairly mediocre, coming in at around 8 Gigs, however, with …

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Nov 07

My Mustache’s Name is Charles

So it’s Movemeber and I’m growing my Mustache. I usually rock the Goatee like a rockstar, but I’ve decided to lend the people working on the charity event my support in the form of facial hair. I’ll be posting updates right here on this page for those interested. Below is the link to the official …

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Nov 03

NBA 2K12 Adds New Legends to the Roster

2K Sports announces 45 new “Legends” to their Roster today. If you felt like your favorite player fromĀ  back in the day didn’t make the cut in the new 2K12 game, then chances are they have just been added. In addition to MJ, Bird, and Magic, they are adding the likes of Jalen Rose, Dee …

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Nov 02

Three Shooters You Must Play!

Resistance 3: Got a chance to Demo this game and I must say that this game is not only beautiful but fun to play. You all know the story, hoards of baddies have come to annihilate man-kind and only you the player can stop them. Insomniac Games takes it back to the arcade with life …

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