Oct 18

Musings on the GALAXY Nexus

So Samsung and Google just announced the Galaxy Nexus and below are my thoughts on the device which will ship with Android 4.0 or “Iced Cream Sandwich” if you will. Let me be the first to say that I liked the code name “Nexus Prime” much better than Galaxy Nexus. I suppose Samsung had to get some branding recognition since Google seems to be using them as the handset maker of choice for their pur-bread Android experience.

That said, there are a few things that I’m excited about:

Camera Improvements

  • Not only can you zoom while taking video, but you can snap a pic while taking video as well
  • You can unlock straight to the Camera
  • You can take Panoramic shots
  • Instant shot meaning no shutter lag

Face Recognition Unlock

  • Phone will unlock only if it recognizes its owner…sometimes


  • 4.65 inch super bright screen. Definitely want to check that baby out.

Photo Editing

  • All the standard stuff you find in the app store like cropping, color, angle change, red-eye reduction, etc

People App.

  • Connects all your information on a single contact. You can manipulate which address or number you text or email by modifying your contact’s “people card”

Android Beam

  • Transmit data wireless via NFC which means you can exchange personal info, websites, Youtube videos etc by tapping phones together.

I gotta say that I’m intrigued and will probably get this phone, however, I still don’t feel that “magical” felling yet. All of the new features are amazing, yet, I still feel somewhat underwhelmed for some reason. I don’t feel like anything ground-breaking has happened. I just feel like Android is being continually polished and this is a step in the right direction. What are your thoughts?