Jun 22

Nokia N9 – Embodiment of Sexiness

So Nokia just debuted their newest device – the Nokia N9 and it is getting A LOT of buzz. I believe this is because Nokia has a lot of people rooting for it. Symbian just wasn’t cutting it though to be quite frank and if the videos and images hold up we are all in for a refreshing treat! You can find the full press release here, but the high points are as follows:

The phone’s sexy curves are made from a fancy-schmancy piece of “polycarbonate” which should make it hard to spot scratches. They did away with that annoying button on the face present in the N8 and E7 and just have one multipurpose button to the side (besides the volume rocker). You can also double tap the screen which will “wake” the phone. You can then swipe across the full length of the phone horizontally or vertically to get to the home screen. This gesture is also how you get in and out of apps quickly.

The phone is sporting an 8 MP camera with a Carl Zeiss auto-focus lens. The display is a 3.9 inch curved piece of Gorilla Glass. The N9 also comes with NFC (Near Field Communication) which means tap to play or pay with other devices which support NFC functionality are a go!

It doesn’t look like Nokia have set a definite date, but it’s supposed to drop sometime “later this year”