Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 28

Popular “Civilization World” Now for Facebook

Sid Meir’s Civilization is one of the most popular strategy games around for the PC. It’s great mainly because of how in-depth the game is. The player balances an economy, population, and wealth all while defending as well as warring with other civilizations to make sure your civilization is the greatest of all. Now take …

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Jun 22

Nokia N9 – Embodiment of Sexiness

So Nokia just debuted their newest device – the Nokia N9 and it is getting A LOT of buzz. I believe this is because Nokia has a lot of people rooting for it. Symbian just wasn’t cutting it though to be quite frank and if the videos and images hold up we are all in for a refreshing treat! You can find the full press release here, but the high points are as follows:

Jun 16

Easy Six Pack in Seconds!

Now this Horrible awesome new product puts a whole new meaning to fast results. Abs just not what they used to be? Too busy to care? Well you’ll love this product called the “Ab-Hancer.” It literally takes your existing folds and molds them into a six pack shape thus making the old-fashioned work out a …

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Jun 12

New E3 Bioshock Infinite “Skyline” Game Footage

Creative Director Ken Levine talks about the origins of the “Skyline” that you will be utilizing in the game. There is new footage of the skyline at work, and it looks like an awesome roller coaster with people shooting at you.

Jun 06

New PSP – PS Vita Now on the Scene

The Sony PSP has finally been revisited and completely revamped. The end product is that pretty little thing you see above. The PS Vita, as its called, has all sorts of goodies under the hood. For starters, it will come with front and rear facing cameras, 3G and Wifi, dual joysticks, and a 5 inch …

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Jun 01

Acting UnManly

Was appalled at the behavior of this young man on the train this past Memorial Day Weekend. The young man, trying to assert himself, was yelling and disrespecting his girlfriend. As he continued to curse her out in public. After please to calm down the young man hit the woman in the chin with his …

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