Mar 08

Top 5 Games of 2010

5. Batman: Arkham Asylum

I love this game so much that even though it came out earlier in the year, I still had to put it on the list. This game has the original voice actors from the series of the Joker, Batman, Harley, and more which ads to the overall feel of the game. The gritty textures, and dark scenery paint the perfect picture of an insane asylum that you get to explore while picking up clues following trails. My favorite part of the game is the fight system. You can literally, if your nice enough with the timing, chain an infinite combo on Joker’s henchmen.

4. Mafia II

You play as Vitto, a WWII vet with apparently nothing better to do than be a thieving bum. The story line is pretty compelling, but the game really shines in its overall free-roaming feel and ambiance. The music is great and the graphics are awesome. You can drive around town in fancy cars and carry out Mafia jobs. The fight system could use a little work, but it does the job. Overall a very great game to play if you have a summer to waste.

3. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

This game could easily have made the top two picks if not for one fatal flaw…the absence of race replay. It wouldn’t be such a big deal of the game play wasn’t so blasted good. After you beat your lap record, you will really want to replay all the close calls and impressive driving skills you displayed while tearing up the track and you simply can’t. Frustrating is an understatement here.

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops

You get to kill people in really cool ways. Nuff said. Naw, but really – don’t let the whole “Black Ops” title fool you. You aren’t Solid Snake. There might be some sneaking for like 2 minutes tops…but the rest of the game is a fast paced frenzied race to the end. Story line is quite intriguing as well. Couple that with awesome graphics and you get a great game that only Activision could produce.

1. NBA 2k11

Michael Jordan. He’s in the game. That’s it. If you are a sports fan and haven’t purchased this game then shame on you. The living roster is great, it gives you updates on real games and the game play is superb. You get the player’s nuances and even their tendencies throughout the season! You also get access to all of Jordan’s old classic games and you get to play them out! I think this is the number 1 game of 2010.