Feb 02

Happy V-Day from Tango

So I know a lot of you use Tango to video chat with that significant other. I’ve used it and it’s not bad. The program allows you to use your phone’s camera to video chat with another person. Its fairly new and I can’t wait for more updates to get the kinks smoothed out, but its got real potential. Actually, there’s really little downside to the app as it can be downloaded on both the Android¬† and iPhone OSes.¬† You can use it on the new iPod touch, iPhones, and Android phones along with Android tabs like Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet. Not only that, but you can talk across platforms as well. You don’t even need a front facing camera on your device as it can use the back facing camera to stream images to the other side. Sounds pretty good right? Well it doesn’t stop there. The app also works over 3G, 4G, and WiFi allowing it to function over virtually all networks.

The application has gathered a large amount of downloads, me being one of them, and I have been made privy to a new promotion they will have going on for Valentine’s day. It will be called “Tango Hearts”. Word has it that if you double tap the screen on Valentine’s day, little hearts will appear as you chat. It’s a neat little trick that may impress your lady friend. If your girl is like mine however, that definitely won’t replace the standard fare. Don’t be cheap and chuck the chocolates guys! I’m just saying!