Oct 10

Longbox Blowes up Notion Ink’s Spot with Digital Comics Partnership

Well, well, well….what do we have here? According to the folks over at Longbox…Notion Ink’s Adam will be the first tablet to include Longbox’s Digital Comic Library. Looking at the video below – I am thoroughly excited. Rather than dealing directly with a publisher – it seems Notion Ink is providing access to different publishers on one platform through their “Genesis” store – much like iTunes, a place where you can purchase video and music content regardless of the source. Talking about the Notion Ink team, Longbox CEO Rantz Hoseley had this to say :

“It’s easy to talk big lofty ideas.  To see a company deliver the goods, even when it isn’t easy to do so?  Those are the kind of people you want to partner with, and Rohan and his team have been phenomenal in that regard.”

That’s one strong endorsement, especially about a new start-up that many people didn’t think would have made it this far. They are so confident in the experience that Hoseley goes on to say:

“Yes, a generic Android version of LongBox Digital, as well as an iOS version for iPhone and iPad will be released shortly after the launch of the ADAM tablet.  We’re confident that the experience of LongBox on the ADAM is a superior one, but we also strongly believe that you cannot dictate to people how, or on what device, they consume their entertainment media.”

Big talk, and I wouldnt mind putting the Adam to the test with a shiny review unit if I must say so myself! You can check out the Adam Specs here. There will be four versions:

  • LCD – Wifi only = $339
  • LCD – 3g + Wifi = $449
  • PixelQi – Wifi only = $449
  • PixelQi – 3g + Wifi = $498

Enough of the words Video below.

[source: Longboxdigital.com, Notionink.com]