May 26

Men aren’t Cheap…they’re Frugal

Why are women always bashing us forĀ  being penny pinchers? Don’t they know if we hadn’t been pinching pennies in the first place, we wouldn’t be taking them out at all? To me, that’s the sign of a good man. You don’t want some guy buying you all kinds of jewelry and beautiful items cause it means that he’s superficial. Why can’t women just love me for me without eyeing the size of my wallet. I feel like such a slab of meat sometimes! I think their looking at my buttocks, but noooo. They are looking at the wallet!

Now ofcourse this is all nonsense, but the premise is still interesting. Are women being reverse sexist by demanding financial goods from their significant others? A long time ago, there were heavy complaints of guys only wanting women for one thing. They were accused of being shallow and superficial. However, I haven’t heard too much about gold-diggers! All I hear is scientific explanations like women will choose a mate that has the highest probability of protection for child rearing – and other such excuses. Let me know what you guys think!