Mar 29

Women think Men are too Manly?

Was tossed an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal the other day. Based on some statistics, apparently, men are becoming too manly. The study seems to point out that the more wealthy a society is, the more likely their women are to choose a mate that has less of the “manly” features we have worked so hard to groom. Granted, the researchers only interviewed white candidates in order to control the experiment, but they found that women from Mexico, Argentina, and Bulgaria, countries that had low marks on the health care index, were more likely to find men with more “manly” characteristics attractive. On a side note, I find it interesting that Mexicans, and Argentinians are being considered white here, but hey I guess they are in the name of science!

Now we all know what makes a man manly right? Well in case you don’t, the article points it out clearly. Thick eyebrows, broad chin, and a mean scowl with squinty eyes…missing anything??? I think that about covers  it in all cultures globally.  All in all, its a pretty interesting read, and should have us manly-men boarding flights to the poorest countries around to pick up their hot girls, but that is of course if the ladies who composed this study don’t all change their minds  randomly for some irrational reason thus discounting the entire study!

[thanks for sending Tuan]

Now for some Chuck Norris: