Monthly Archive: March 2010

Mar 29

Women think Men are too Manly?


Was tossed an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal the other day. Based on some statistics, apparently, men are becoming too manly. The study seems to point out that the more wealthy a society is, the more likely their women are to choose a mate that has less of the “manly” features we have …

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Mar 24

New Predators Movie


Now if your old Skool like me, you remember the first predator movie with Arnie and Company. Over the top muscles, guns, and action. I love that movie. Now, if you were waiting for a sequel, not the AVP movies, but a pure Predator Movie, then wait no longer.  Robert Rodriguez is at the helm …

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Mar 10

New Iron Man 2 Trailer


If your as much of a fan of comics as I am, no doubt you’ve seen Iron Man 1 and are eagerly anticipating Iron Man 2. Well, a new trailer has surfaced and some interesting goodies have been added. We see a little more onscreen time with Whiplash played by Mickey Rourke, and some awesome …

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Mar 06

Microsoft Stepping their Game up…FINALLY


Update: Yea, so about that whole stepping up their game thing…turns out its more of the same. Courier has been cancelled as we all tried not to believe. Way to go Microsoft, for killing dreams. C’mon Adam, your our last hope and we don’t want any more delays! Anything past November and all bets are …

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