Feb 25

Thoughts on Faith

As many of you know, I took a road trip with some family and went down south to visit my sister and niece. Had an awesome time, and the road tends to put you in a cranky, but sometimes contemplative mood. 15 hours will do that to you! But there was one experience that kinda stuck with me.

We stopped by a Wendy’s for some fries and a frosty. The lady at the window handed us the food, then quietly and tactfully asked us to pray for her. She said¬†coolly, “I’m going to be evicted tomorrow, please pray”. ¬†She then handed us the 3 dollars or so in change, and we were on our way. That made such an impression on me for a few reasons.

First, that this woman was asking everyone to pray for her. No doubt, she was praying for herself, but she was certain that the more prayers were made on her behalf, the better off she would be. I don’t pretend to know enough to say whether or not that’s true, but it had its effect on me. It was almost just like the woman with her two mites except in modern days. This lady working the cash register knew where her support came from. Her faith was so strikingly out of place.

Secondly, what would I do if I were in her position. I’m young, and have a decent job and family that I can call on for support. What if I were in her position. What is my faith made of? If tested like she was, would I be asking for prayers, never thinking for one moment that whispering to a God I cannot see will bring exactly what I need when I need it? I’m a Christian, but sometimes I wonder if I’m worthy of the name. Needless to say, I spent a few hours pondering the experience silently in a crowded car.

At the end of the night, when the sun was coming up, I got the distinct impression that she would be ok. If you ask what “ok” means, I can’t answer that. But I think she will be ok just the same.