Feb 15

My First Tablet will not be an iPad

Remember like a month ago when everyone was frothing at the mouth over Apple’s iPad? People were saying all sorts of things and then when the official announcement came, things just kinda simmered down. This was mostly because the iPad couldn’t do half the things everyone had thought it was going to be able to. People were thinking it was going to have a camera with gesture recognition, multi-tasking capabilities, making breakfast in bed, the whole shabang. Now granted, the iPad is still quite impressive, and the entry price-point of $499 certainly helps matters. Yet, there was this nagging feeling of what could have been. Then from left field we have Rohan Shravan, founder of Notion Ink busting onto the scene with his “Adam Tablet”.  Now here is where things get quite interesting… The Adam tablet not only has a 3.2 Megapixel camera, but it swivels as well. The Adam can not only double as an e-book reader, but it can turn off the backlighting for easier readability in direct sunlight with pixel Qi’s new screen which gives it increased battery life. Oh, and it runs flash, and has an entry cost of $327. Interested? Yeah I thought so. Check out the the below chart i picked up at Gizmodo:

Here is a video from Technoholik showing a version of the Adam that looks really quite nice.

Here is another one cause I know the first video isn’t enough

  • Jeol

    sssshhhhh dont speak to loud the GREAT STEVE might here you and come eat your will to think for yourself and your first born